Oak Chips for Red Wine

The positive effect of oak wood on wine quality is uncontested. There is a great difference between wines stored in wooden barrels and wines stored in tanks.

When applying oak chips similar effects can be achieved. The use of oak chips accelerates maturation. Dependent on the choice of the respective oak chips, the wine aroma varies and can be directed towards a certain desired aroma profile. Oak chips especially upgrade Pinot vine varieties with intensive taste profiles. Another important factor in favour of the use of oak chips, is the saving and sustainable conservation of the slowly growing raw material oak wood, since the required wood quantity is considerably smaller compared with the quantity needed to make barrique barrels.

On red wines, oak chips have an additional and important colour stabilizing effect, due to increased polymerisation.

Oak chips were approved by EU Directive (EG) 606/2009 on the 10th of July 2009. They can be used both at the grapes & must and at the wine stage.


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