Gushing is the uncontrolled, sudden escape of foam and beer when opening a beer bottle which is not caused by high temperatures or shaking. A high percentage of breweries worldwide had and still have problems with gushing. The phenomenon occurs in all brands and types of beer. Since gushing not only leads to a loss in reputation for the breweries but also indirectly affects all malthouses, brewing industry and malting industry alike are very interested in processes and methods to analyse and prevent gushing.

After more than 90 years of gushing research, many causes for this uncontrolled reaction in beer have meanwhile been identified. Particularly in focus are a high oxalate concentration as well as fungal proteins (surface-active hydrophobins and proteases), which migrate into the malt via mouldy cereals. For the first time, a solution was found to be able to control the occurence of gushing in the industries.


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