GMO-free enzymes derived from normal microorganisms play a crucial part. By using enzymes, you can eliminate variations in raw materials and ensure stability and profitability of your processes in the long term. The purpose of using enzymes is to achieve a high quality of the final product.

Gluten-free beers are produced from alternative types of grains. Enzymes and enzyme groups, e.g. proteases, amylases, or glucanases, play an important role in that process. Proteases ensure the best proteolytic brewing results. The optimal filterability is achieved by using ß-glucanases. Amylases are distinguished by their ability to increase yield and to reduce haze. Here the most important brewing enzymes are α-amylases, ß-amylases and glucoamylases. 

Special beers require special enzyme reactions. The best result can be achieved by a well-balanced mix of enzymes. 


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