How it all began

Once in the mineral industry, Erbslöh took a new promising orientation 50 years ago with the “Geisenheim earth” as a foundation stone for one of the most innovative and successful companies so far in the beverage technology. The energy and flexibility of this medium-sized family owned company and particularly its progressive ideas were and are the driving forces which bring Erbslöh forward with unstoppable enthusiasm.


Everything is clear with bentonite

Our first technological milestone: bentonite for clarification, protein adsorption and stabilisation of beverages.


The optimised original:

This revolutionary and special bentonite combines  highly efficient protein adsorption with a lower volume of turbidity.


Highly specific enzymes of the Trenolin® brand 

The results are convincing: a good pre-extraction, shortening of press time, higher press capacity and an improved filtration.


Hefix®: a European premiere

With Hefix® , Erbslöh has developed the first dry selected yeast for the European market. This yeast preparation offered new opportunities with regard to its transport and storage shelf life as well as its consistent product quality.


Oenoferm®: a name which will make the history

The brand Oenoferm® stands until now as multifaceted possibilities for the alcoholic fermentation process.


Successful clarification with Fructozym® and Fructamyl®

Two specialists who allow in every case an efficient degradation of pectin and starch.


Fine wines as a result!
Gerbinol® Super

For decades, this name stands for highly efficient tannins adsorption. Gerbinol® Super gives white wines and red wines a harmonious finish which makes them ready to be bottled. 


From Trenolin® to Trenolin® DF

The creation of a depsidase free enzyme by an innovative purification process.


Pure delight with Kupzit®

The elimination of unwanted taints represents a big challenge. Kupzit® – a patented preparation of copper citrate eliminates sulphide taints permanently.


Savoir vivre avec La Littorale

The incorporation of La Littorale in France expands the international orientation and competency of Erbslöh group. The “Vinification Authentique” of La Littorale underlines the individual French style.


French know-how with LittoThiamol P

The first liquid nutrient for yeasts is created. Instant application instead of dissolving gives you more time for wine quality.


The strength for clear juice -
Blancobent UF

This fining bentonite is used for cross-flow filtration of fruit juice.


Naturally successful: Oenoferm® Bio
– Selection Klingelberg

A milestone which will stay on the long term also fully trendy: Oenoferm® Bio is the first bio-certified dry selected yeast for the alcoholic fermentation. It was selected from a bio-vineyard of  Margraviate of Baden.


The innovative alternative:

The impulse for progress through research can also come from regulation changes: so this tannins adsorbent offers the same efficiency as Gerbinol® Super, but it is casein free.


The specialist against pectin:
Trenolin® FastFlow DF

he advantages are clearly present: Trenolin® FastFlow DF enzyme is readily active at 5 °C and can degrade the pectin side chain− arabino-galactan. Pressing and filtration are significantly improved. 


Exuberantly acclaimed: AnGus1516®

The star of the Brau Beviale 2012: the first anti-gushing agent for the treatment of excessive foaming of beer caused by the raw material. Its efficiency has been proven by an extensive test series. A true revolution after more than 90 years of gushing research! 

Since ever

The people make the difference

It is not the laboratory equipment nor the production facilities which account for the long lasting high quality and permanent innovation power of a company.  It is its staff with whom Erbslöh grows. Continuous built-on trust and personal contacts are the valuable resources of the family owned company.  The customers can feel this as well as the commitment and the competence that Erbslöh offers in its consulting and external services.


Fruit juice is “purely plant-based”

The innovative FloraClair® permits a vegan way to process beverages.


Progress is our future®

Wishing all the best for the 50 years anniversary and for 50 years of progress in the beverage  technology! And what should we wish Erbslöh for the future? All agree: The credo of Erbslöh should prevail: Progress is our future®!