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Get off to a flying start with our innovative products!

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Erbslöh / La Littorale Oeno Guide 2016

  • new products
  • useful application notes for mash and must treatment

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A trend with a future:

vegan wine

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Always a clear advantage:
Bentonite for effective clarification and stabilization

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CarboTec GE

Special adsorptive granulate for pure musts

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Erbslöh vinification USA

Our products for your progress in the US

La Littorale vinification USA

Our french knowledge for your progress in the US

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Rosé - more than a fad

LittoFresh Rosè - Plant-based must treatment for rosé winemaking
LittoLevure Pink - Supports the styleof modern rosé wines - crisp, dry with pronounced fruitiness

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Liquid, safe & clean

Solution Sulfureuse P18:
Aqueous solution of potassium hydrogen sulphite

Sulfonium 40:
Aqueous solution of ammonium hydrogen sulphite

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Oenoferm® X-Series

The "X-tra"
for your success

Oenoferm® X-thiol
Oenoferm® X-treme

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Double-salt deacidification with Neoanticid and
extended double-salt deacidification with
Neoanticid and Malicid

FloraClair Liquid

Liquid Phytoprotein

  • Suitable for the productionof vegan wines
  • Casein-free and non-allergic
  • For clarification and harmonisation of grape must and wine
  • Rapid and safe application by direct addition
  • Sensory neutral

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The innovative filter aid

  • Product quality preserving
  • Economic
  • Environmentally compatible

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Crystal stabilisation


  • Recommandations for practical use

Currently approved in the EU:

  • VinoStab® carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)

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Erbslöh Bio-Vinification


  • Certified, consistent, safe
  • Oenoferm® Bio, HydroGum Bio, ErbiGel® Bio 

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Remediation/restart of stuck fermentation


  • Method of remediation/restart of stuck fermentation I+II

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Kupzit® for safe and reliable removal of sulphide off-flavours


  • Effective against sulphide off-f avours – careful and gentle on the wine

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Tannin Management with OakyVin® and Tannin


  • The new oak chips OakyVin®
  • Advantages, origin and application goals von OakyVin®
  • Tannin and goals of tannin use
  • Use in the wine barrel and/or tank

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  • How does flotation work?
  • Advantages of flotation
  • Differences in flotation media
  • The flotation process
  • LiquiGel Flot

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Oenoferm® Riesling


  • For typical Riesling wines with distinct aroma profile

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Oenoferm® Terra


  • Dry selected yeast for the support and promotion of the terroir character; neutral and safe fermentation kinetics

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Trenolin® T-Stab DF


  • The modern way of warming of the mash
  • Structure-promoting release of catechins and oenotannins
  • Active up to 75 °C
  • Thermostable enzyme complex

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Trenolin® Mash DF, Trenolin® Thermo DF - natural biotools


  • Aroma-enhancing MashZeration with Trenolin® Mash DF
  • Optimized ThermoVinification with Trenolin® Thermo DF

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